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Personal Styling

Do you need personal styling?

Hate shopping, get confused by the variety of choices and just want someone to solve you from this headache?

Do you have an important event and you want to look your best?

You do not know how to dress for your body type?

Going out on dates and want to feel that your clothing choice is not the problem?

Love fashion and want to take that love one step further?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions, I would be happy to help you find the answer.


My job as a personal stylist is to create a wardrobe tailored specifically to you.

Every person has a different body type, skin tone, hair color, occupation and personal taste. Therefore a personal stylist will help you to fulfill your visual potential. During this process, I will teach you what items to look for when you enter a store, so that the next time you'll enter a shopping center alone, you will have a basic understanding of what is right for you to buy.

Styling Progams

Classic Personal Styling:

Two to three sessions. Each session lasts 4 hours and the cost of each session is 800 NIS (every additional hour 200 NIS).


The process:

Session 1: In the first session I will arrive at your house (in the Tel Aviv area or in Jerusalem). We will start with half an hour of introductory conversation, that will help me understand our goals and needs form my service. Then we will get to know your wardrobe together, we will understand what suits and what does not suit us from the existing items and we will create new combinations from the items you have. At the end of the process we will create a list of items that are missing in your closet, which we will look for in our second meeting.


Session 2: You and me meeting up in a shopping center in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and there we will look for what we are missing in the closet. We will get to know new stores together and try items that you would not necessarily choose on your own, that will open your eyes to new styles.


Session 3: An optional meeting suitable for a client with a relatively large clothing budget. We will visit designer stores, in order to find unique items.


* You can also choose only one type of session

Event Styling:

Event styling consist one session (sometimes two sessions are required).

The session lasts 6 hours and costs 1,200 NIS (every additional hour 200 NIS).


The process:

We will start with a phone call, where we will talk about the type of event and decide on the type of style we are looking for the event.

During the styling session we will visit stores according to your budget and choose clothes and accessories that will complete the overall look.

At the end of the day, I will advise you on makeup and hair that will match the look we have created and, if necessary, will also refer you to the appropriate professionals.


Got interested in this service and got additional questions?

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