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Omri is an Israeli fashion stylist based in Tel Aviv. He graduated his studies at the Shenkar Fashion Institute. Omri's background as a graphic designer developed his critical eye for colors, composition and aesthetics.


During his studies he began an internship as a styling assistant for renowned Israeli stylists such as Dor Mordechai, Tamar Marcovitz, Sharona Bond-Matarasso and Orit Efraty.


Working as an assistant gave him the opportunity to be a part of editorials that were published in prestigeous Israeli magazines such as Go Style and La’Isha, as well as TV commercials. During that time he collaborated with Israeli’s best photographers and

well-known Israeli brands such as Delta Clothing, HOT Cabel TV and Golf Fashion.


After getting valuable experience, he started creating his own fashion editorials that were published at Nashim magazine, Style by The Jerusalem Post, Magazina, Ellements MagazineMako (internet website) and Fashion Israel (internet website). Together with photographer Keith Glassman, he created a still life published in the popular Israeli fashion magazine Go Style.

In addition to editorials, Omri is collaborating with commercial companys such as:

"Step In" (Shoes retail website), "Gali" (Shoes Chain Store), "B Good" (Clothing Chain Store) and international campaign for "Soda Stream". 

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